A Litte About Me & Home Spa Creations

I get asked often how I got into making my own soaps and spa products.

My Boys and I!I’m a 40-something mom with two boys aged 4 and 14 (insert gasp here – I know it’s a big age difference!).  I worked in the field of accounting for nearly 20 years before quitting to stay home when my younger son was born.

I was pregnant with my little one in 2008 which you may or may not recall was right around the time thatBPA was being highly publicized for being toxic to babies and was being banned around the world.

In the process of doing research on the risks of BPA, I started reading articles on the chemicals that are found in the products we use on babies every day and I was shocked.  I decided then that I wasn’t going to use any of that stuff on Hunter and I would find healthier options.

It turned out that the healthiest option I could find was making it myself.  I started with diaper cream and then realized I would need to learn how to to make soap in order to make baby shampoo and body wash.  Things really spiraled from there once I realized that homemade soap is wonderful and I started making it for the whole family.

That year, I gave homemade soap as Christmas gifts to friends and family and immediately everyone started raving about how much they loved it.

Everybody wanted more soap and I was being offered money to make it!

I’ll be honest – I don’t and have never had any interest in being stuck in my kitchen all day long making a living by making soap for other people.  So instead, I offered to show people how to make it, which turned out to be very popular.

After hosting 4 or 5 evenings of gathering friends and family and teaching them how to make soap, lotion, face wash, etc., I realized that I really have a passion for teaching these skills.  More importantly, I have a passion for getting rid of toxic chemicals as much as possible and encouraging everyone to use natural, healthy products.

So I pulled out the video camera and started taping myself making every product I could think of.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was at the thought that I could teach countless numbers of people all over the world how to do this!

My brilliant, creative husband made me a website, and here we are!

It is my fervent hope that you make use of these videos to make your own products at home, and that you encourage your friends and family to do the same.

To your soap making success…

Coralynn Gehl – Founder
Home Spa Creations